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Letní jógový online program (EN)

This summer yoga program on my PATREON page is well-rounded series of yoga classes perfect for the summer time. They are design to nourish your body & mind during the hot days, your travels and summer days.


Summer time is full of energy, sunshine and good vibes.

We go on holidays, we see friend and family. We spent more time outside. However most of us still have to work and therefore it can be also very busy time. We want to be everywhere, do everything and see everyone. If we are not careful how we use our energy, we can end up overwhelmed and tired before the summer ends. It can also effect our body and mind for Autumn season when we need a lot of health and strong immune system.


Summer Yoga Bliss program will help you feel good in your body and mind to enjoy the time in the best possible way. It contains four main categories filled with classes of different length. The program will also offer yoga tutorials, breath work and meditation.



Holiday mode is on.

This series of classes will help you to stretch your body after long time driving, being on a plane, hiking, cycling, sight seeing, surfing or just chilling on the beach.

You don’t have to skip your practice during your travels. Nourish your shoulders, back, neck and legs and feel great in your body and mind. These whole body vinyasa yoga classes are designed for your vacation. You can also practice them any other time.



Cool down.

Is it too hot outside and you want to move your body and stay energised? Try these refreshing yoga classes to cool down the nervous system.

Enjoy hip openings, leg stretches and back relaxing asanas. The whole series is mainly focuses on Urinary Bladder and Kidney meridians. They help us to stay in balance and keep nice level energy specially when we are overworked. We can also benefit from them when we feel hormonal imbalances, neck/back pain along the spine or we feel mentally or physically drained out.


These classes will nourish your body with new energy.



Sunshine in your pocket.

These two series of yoga flows are focused on shoulder stretching and strengthening, core, twist, backbends, and inversions.

The sequences are designed to nourish our heart and small intestine meridian to experience joy in full way. Smoothly flowing energy through these meridians help us to feel more joy, positive energy, love, self-love and openness to others. We are being generous, strong and courageous. We are deeply connected to our intuition and we are great at sorting out things that need to be done. Life becomes little easier.



Busy but happy.

Do You want to move your body but you have a busy schedule?

Summer express yoga classes are designed for your busy and crazy days. They will help you to stay focused, relaxed and refreshed. You just need 10- 20 minutes to see the magic of your yoga practice.



I hope you will enjoy this Summer Yoga Bliss program anywhere your are.




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