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"Change comes with breath."

Personal practice is the most important and most nourishing. It changes over time and that's good!

There is no final position to reach.

The position, like us, is still evolving. 

The longer we practice, the deeper we know that everything has a purpose and a process. We change our point of view several times along the way. Layer by layer we see more clearly what is hidden within us. Breath by breath we discover our own potential.

On the way, we encounter recurring obstacles, personal convictions that always shape our practice at that given moment. We do "somersaults" and falls that propel us forward. We work with changing the environment, partners, work, health options and with changing ourselves.

The key to the journey is our breath.

With every breath, with every practice, we return closer to ourselves. We become more aware and happier.

And on we go through the calm and stormy parts of our lives.



Lecturer courses

2019 Instructor course vinyasa yoga 200RYT  

/ YOGABEYOND with Claudine, Honza Lafond and Adam Whiting, Bali

2018  Instructor course Yin yoga 50 hours

/ Angela Jervis- Read, Prague


2016-2017 Ashtanga vinyasa yoga instructor course 150 hours

/ YOGALIBRE Pavel Hub, Prague


2016 Teacher's course Laughter Yoga

/ Petr Fridrich, Prague



Workshops/ Courses 

The anatomy of breath with Celeste Pereira 

Core values with Celeste Pereira 

Spine and posture with Celest Pereira 

Hips and pelvis with Celest Pereira 

Shoulder anatomy with Celest Pereira 

Underground yoga with Dalibor Štědroňský 

Workshops with Jan Jirák

The art of yoga touch with Láda Pokorný 

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga with Ranato Libonati 

Hips with Maria Yoga Dealer

Backbends with Maria Yoga Delear

Ashtanga vinyasa first series with Laruga Glasser 

Ashtanga vinyasa first series with Mark Robberds 

Asana/pranayama workshops with Kristína Jakubíková

Yoga in daily life, yoga course level 1,2,3,4 

and more ...

Acroyoga with Helena Kober,  Mark Petráček, Daniela Dušková, Kristína Jakubíková, Judith Groot, Leandro Maquisapa and others

Personal practice since 2010 

From Youtube random videos, lessons in studios, courses, workshops, through personal practice to lecturer courses  and back to personal practice, workshops, GLO videos,.. and so still on the way.._cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

"Where you are is where you're meant to be."

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