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Chaturanga as my friend

Do we actually know why we do Chaturanga Dandasana (low push-up) during lessons, what it is good for, what to watch out for, why it is so demanding for us and what does it teach us? Can we properly modify it  and make it so that it brings us the necessary benefits?

During a vinyasa yoga class, we do Chaturanga Dandasana more times than we can easily manage. We often do it so quickly, mainly so that it is already behind us.

Come to the workshop, where we will look at the low push-up in detail. We will show Chaturanga Dandasana from different angles and train it well.

My intention is for you to feel in it well and they didn't want to run away from her anymore.

What will you take away from the workshop?

  1. You will see chaturanga with different eyes  

  2. Let's talk about what they will do for us in our asana practice

  3. We will show you what to watch out for when practicing it

  4. We will practice its correct and safe execution

  5. Let's show her modifications 

  6. We will prepare the body for balance on the hands

  7. Transition from Chaturanga Dandasana to Urdhva Mukha Shvanasana (Upward/Facing Dog)



Who is the workshop suitable for?

For everyone who devotes or wants to devote to a yoga practice and wants it to be sustainable in the long term.

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