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Yoga and emotions
Online anytime in your time

The Yoga and Emotions online course contains 8 videos a each of them is focused on certain of our emotions, moods and moods. Using the body, we can work with them without having to think about them in a complex and long way. We will not hide them, but by moving we will relax and calm our mind. Maybe then we will be able to see everything more clearly.


In this course, you will find a meditation lesson, pranayama, five forty-minute flows focused on different parts of the body (emotions) and one hour-long lesson for the whole body and mind.


It is good to perceive your emotions, even those that we consider unpleasant/negative. They won't go away if we ignore them. Sometimes they start to grow over our heads. They affect our health, well-being and satisfaction.


How we feel inside also affects how we stand or sit at a given moment, for example.

The reverse is also true. By moving our body, we release and strengthen certain parts and thereby release our emotions and strengthen our ability to work with them. They don't have to go over our heads because we gradually recognize them and release them.

In this course, each lesson is focused precisely on strengthening resistance to stress and the ability to let go of certain things that no longer serve us in life, or perhaps bother us. Here, we gradually work on the whole body from the feet to the head.

1st video: Come to the present (meditation)

We often think that meditating means sitting down and having no thoughts, stopping thoughts, getting rid of emotions and controlling our mind. But it's different. In this lesson we will try meditation, share some tips and learn to be present.

2nd video: Breath is everything (pranayama)

Breath is everything. You have certainly heard this several times in your yoga practice. How we breathe affects how we feel. Come take a deep breath and jump into life with straight feet.

3rd video: On the Wave of Breath (Greetings to the Sun)

Wake up the body and calm the mind. The lesson is based on salutations to the Sun. Learn to practice on the wave of your breath. Breathe, bend, stretch and strengthen the body. Your breath will really support you during this lesson.

4th video: Feet firmly on the ground

Are you more in your mind than your body? Do you feel unmoored, scattered, distrustful or unfocused? Classes focus on the feet, knees and entire legs. He will guide you through balancing poses on your feet to Hanumanasana.

Video 5: Let it swim

This lesson is dedicated to the hip area. It helps us to release and process emotions, related to our relationship with ourselves but also with others. This lesson teaches us to take our time and lead the movement as we feel it.

6th video: In your center

We have days when we feel down. When we don't have the motivation to start something, and if we do, it's hard to decide on something, to focus and see it through. Come change it up and let the energy flow throughout your body. The practice is on the center of the body.

7th video: Love!

Opening up to new things, relationships and being able to look inside ourselves can be harder than we would like. The lesson focuses on the chest area, upper abdomen, shoulders, arms. You will support a positive relationship with yourself and others.

8th video: Find a balance

Everything in balance, mood, bad mood, rain or shine, this way the practice is for every weather and mood. Working with the breath, moving the whole cannon, a large dose of rotations and meditation in an hour-long lesson.

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