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The workshop is a great way to dive deeper into practice, learn more and gradually apply it on your own mat. 

I teach 2.5-3 hour workshops at given topic. You will learn why, what and how, a lot of theory and practice. Do you want to take your practice further?

Come to the next workshop.


A masterclass is a long yoga lesson. It contains more preparatory positions and gradually leads us to some "goal".

It is often refined, for example, to the so-called "peak pose"/ the peak position, which we will describe in detail and teach in individual difficulty levels. 


ASANA LAB, or asana laboratory, is a lesson with a detailed description of asana. We focus the lesson and lead to a certain position. We will touch on theory/philosophy for greater understanding. We will build strength and flexibility so that we can easily enter the asana. We will always show modification position and its more advanced variants.

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Yoga workshop 

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Summer Yoga

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